"Blending proven handwork and traditional sailmaking

methods with modern techniques of sail design and

construction to ensure good performance and lasting






The loft offers full service and all production is done right here. Services the loft provides include:

* First quality Inshore/Coastal, Offshore, Ultimate Offshore and Traditional cruising sails
* Sail repairs, recuts and modifications
* Roller furling conversions
* UV covers
* Foam or rope luff pads
* Full batten conversions
* Sail inventory surveys (condition and purchase)
* Sail plan drawing of your boat for future reference or to help find used sails that fit
* On board, phone or in-loft consults
* Sailboat canvas
* Sail cleaning (pick-up, cleaning and return by Clean Sails)
* Deluxe bosun chairs (click on the images for more info)
Bosun ChairBosun Chair
* We can also offer you any parts you might need for sail repair or do-it-yourself work.