"Blending proven handwork and traditional sailmaking

methods with modern techniques of sail design and

construction to ensure good performance and lasting





Inshore/Coastal Cruising Sails

Our most economical choice is the inshore construction. They will feature a cross cut panel layout and quality Dacron fabric with seams that are double or triple stitched, depending on the weight of the fabric.

Standard features found in our Inshore Sails include:
* quality Dacron sailcloth
* nickel-plated brass spur grommets for attachment points including luff slides, foot slides, jib hanks and intermediate reef points
* spun Dacron line for bolt ropes 
* hydraulically pressed in stainless rings or webbed on stainless external rings for high load areas
* inboard ends of batten pockets will have an extra heavy duty reinforcement patch
* full battens will be on an extra layer of fabric (platform) for the full length of the batten
* leech lines (and foot lines on headsails)
* leech lines will be adjustable at all reefs
* luff and foot slides will be webbed on and hand stitched
* press on brass jib hanks
* heavy duty aluminum headboards
* pultruded fiberglass battens

Our inshore sails are just as thoughtfully made as our other sails. They are just made using some cost saving measures which enable us to offer them less expensively. Typically, our inshore sails are equivalent to what you will find at most production lofts, offered as their "best" sails.

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