"Blending proven handwork and traditional sailmaking

methods with modern techniques of sail design and

construction to ensure good performance and lasting






We offer four different construction levels for most all our sails: Inshore/Coastal, Offshore, Ultimate Offshore and Traditional. These choices offer a wide range of finish, giving you a chance to see what will best suit the intended use of the sail and your budget as well. There is no use building a heavy duty offshore cruising sail for a boat sailing in protected waters nor should an inshore cruising sail be used for going offshore since it would be under built for rugged ocean conditions.

Before we make your sails we will meet with you at your boat to measure whenever possible. This way, we will both be there to answer any questions. Perhaps we can make some recommendations for improvements here or there. We will draw up a scale sail plan of the boat to use for future reference and to double check all sail dimensions, overlaps and sheet leads.

For cruising sails we prefer to use good old Dacron, but in its modern form. Today's Dacrons are much improved and feature high tenacity (low stretch) yarns that are tightly packed during the weaving process. It is the most durable, longest lasting, most economical and proven fabric available.


We use four excellent manufacturers of fabric: Bainbridge International, Challenge, Contender and Dimension/Polyant. They all offer a wide range of quality fabrics for us to choose from and we will use the fabric we feel will do the best job for each individual sail. 

Most of the boats we do are in the 8' to 60' range and we feel regular Dacron still makes the most sense. No matter what fabric you use, large boats have large sails. Today though, most people tend to go with furling systems anyway so a big sail will go away with a touch of a button or tug on a line. We use other fabrics such as cruise laminates but since these fabrics are more expensive and not as long lasting, most of our customers prefer the longevity and utility of woven Dacron. For boats in excess of 60', laminate sails make more sense since the weight of the finished sail will be less and laminate fabrics will be stronger with less stretch.

Visit the Inshore/Coastal, Offshore, Ultimate Offshore and Traditional sail pages for more information. Also, be sure to read technical details and observations about roller furling sails here.