"Blending proven handwork and traditional sailmaking

methods with modern techniques of sail design and

construction to ensure good performance and lasting





Bosun Chairs
Chairs have a plywood bottom with 1" foam pad, heavy duty 2" doubled web strap that goes under board with to 2" D-Rings at the top.  Side pockets are lined with Top Gun for chafe resistance and the left pocket has a toolbar in it.  There are 2 - 1" rings at the bottom outside of each pocket so you can hang retrieval lines from them.  There is also a 6' lanyard spliced to the front of the chair to tie yourself off to the mast, spreader or whatever.  There are 1" web straps at the front of the chair to hold yourself in the chair just in case you lean forward.  Chairs can be modified as necessary for particular applications.


Bosun ChairBosun Chair