"Blending proven handwork and traditional sailmaking

methods with modern techniques of sail design and

construction to ensure good performance and lasting





Welcome to Schattauer Sails

We have been serving sailors in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1959. We are the most experienced full service loft in the Seattle, Puget Sound area.  

Schattauer Sails specializes in producing the best offshore cruising sails available today. We offer you both our Offshore and Ultimate Offshore series sails which are extensively hand finished for the discriminating sailor. If you are looking for the finest, most carefully made cruising sails available anywhere in the world, look no further. Our Traditional sails are for the sailors looking to compliment their older yachts with properly constructed, true to the era sails. Narrow panels, rattails, tablings, hand sewn bolt ropes, multi-tongued corner patches and hand sewn rings may be a thing of the past in production lofts, but not here.  

We were very lucky to have been taught by a true, master sailmaker. Our father, Franz Schattauer, held a Master's Degree in Sailmaking. An old world craftsman, he taught us to send our customers off with only the best possible cruising sails. Our father's degree hangs proudly in the loft overseeing all of the hand work we still do today. He would allow only the best work to leave the loft. He was not satisfied or impressed with ordinary.  

For those of you not ready to cross an ocean, we are also proud to offer you our Inshore/Coastal series of cruising sails. These sails are just as thoughtfully made as our offshore cruising sails, but they are made using some cost saving measures that enable us to offer them for a bit less. 

We also offer sailboat canvas work for our local customers. We build great looking, durable sail covers, full boat covers and much more.

We are second generation sailmakers eager to talk to you about your project, idea, sail boat or yacht, be it a dinghy or a 60-footer!


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